"True vision comes from radiant eyes"


Specswala.com is not just another e-commerce website for eyewear products, but it is a unique and complete experience for your family’s eyes.


Specswala.com is the culmination of 15 years of experience as opticians, of understanding the range of requirements for eye care for people of all ages and backgrounds. Our knowledge goes much beyond your needs insunglasses, lenses, spectacles & contact lenses.We shall always endeavour to provide you the latest trends, high quality products, and the widest possible range of brands, styles, & designs at the most reasonable rates.


We lay a lot of emphasis on the quality of the products available on our website because we know that when it is about your eyes, there can be no compromise. We have tried to ensure that the user experience on our website is as good as and at times even better than the process of going to a store.While we have created an extensive interface to try the spectacles and sunglasses on your face and decide which shape and colour looks good before purchasing, it will be wonderful to receive your suggestions and ideas for more features.


Whether it is for your son, daughter, mother, father, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunty, friend, colleague, neighbour,or last but not the least, you, Specswala.com has something for everyone.So, just browse, select, wear and order. 


Our Values:

  • Quality, above everything else. Because, there is no substitute for eyes.
  • Ensure equality of experience, every time & everywhere. So, standardized operating proceduresare our mantra.
  • Customer care in the true sense. That’s why, transparency from order placement to delivery.
  • We shall always cater to the natural human desire to own that impeccable frame to enhance their eyes, because you only get one chance to make the right first impression.


Our vision is to ensure that you get a better and clearer vision.


Collection of leading international brands, hundreds of shapes and styles in spectacles& sunglasses, and a large choice of contact lenses products are now just a click away. Irrespective of whether you are a first timer or just on the lookout for a more comfortable eye care product,come browse throughwww.specswala.com and get your pick.


Open your eyes with us and see the beauty of this wonderful world.